Squamish FM Looking for Volunteers

By Craig Daviduik
Published: Jan. 12, 2012.

Squamish Community Radio is an internet based, volunteer run audio podcasting platform.

The project seeks to increase community connections and offer a platform for Squamish residents to share their music, culture, and their stories.

The project, just over one year old, was recently re-launched by local citizens Sheila Cassels, Jason MacNeil, Jessica Reid, and myself.

We are seeking a wide variety of content for Squamish FM, says Craig Daviduik (above).

We are seeking a wide variety of content for Squamish FM, says Craig Daviduik (above).

Several local DJs have been contributing content throughout the past year and people can listen to a wide variety of shows that are currently posted on the web site. Programming varies from electronic, world, blues and talk radio.

This volunteer run project is seeking a variety of volunteers to help us achieve our goal of operating a streaming content and eventually live programming.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes during the past four months to develop the necessary infrastructure to help community members produce programs. When the project first launched it was focused mostly on music.

The new management team wishes to bring the content more in line with the aims and goals of the Hotspot centre.

We are seeking a wide variety of content that could include anything from local current events, ethnic programs, recorded local presentations, local bands, kids programming, and more.

On January 26th at 7p.m., people are invited to stop by the Garibaldi room for an information night where the vision of the station will be discussed.

People of all ages and interests are welcome to attend. There will be a panel discussion about the potential of community broadcasting as well as music and information on how people can participate.

All the content will be produced by volunteer citizens and everyone is welcome to attend regardless of their knowledge of audio production. All training and equipment will be provided at a series of workshops planned in the coming months.

The goal is to have all content produced by locals. If you have an interest that you wish to share and broadcast within the community, you should attend this meeting.

We are also looking for citizen journalists who can cover local music events, community meetings and events or offer a perspective into Squamish’s unique culture. We can also use people to help run the station.

Please visit the web site to find out our programming goals or to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

We need volunteers in fundraising, program advisory board, and web development.