Testing Her Mettle for Community Foundation

By Susan Chapelle
Published: May 26, 2012


As a mountain biker in Squamish it is one of the inevitable facts of life one must face. Riding the Test of Metal is a right of passage for our biking community. 

For me it is a love / hate relationship, mass start of over 1000 people, grueling course, not much single track. 

I see this community give its funds away to charities that do not directly affect our community.  The heart of this community is in the right place, a beautiful place of wanting to help each other. 

We stand up for each other in times of distress. 

 There are many young people struggling with cancer in our community.  We have been raising funds separately and almost competitively for each child and their families. 

What if there was a fund put together through the Community Foundation that all families could draw from in times of distress.  This is a possibility that can be easily realized. 

I decided to ride the Test of Metal for our Community Foundation.

My hefty goal is to raise $10,000 so that all the groups that can benefit from the foundation will have a base to draw on. I have watched this community be stretched for generosity in every direction. 

If we could all pool our resources into our Squamish Community Foundation, we could have that base from which to care for our own.  The Community Foundation gives money to the women’s centre, to the hospice, and to counseling groups for children. 

We can direct a fund for families struggling with illness. We need to support our local charities.  I am hoping that through my Canada Helps page that we, as a community, can raise enough money for the foundation that we do not have to raise funds individually for those children in need. 

Please help us help ourselves.  All money donated goes directly into the Squamish Community Foundation.


  1. Geoffrey Bove, DC, PhD says:

    I do not live in Squamish, but I know Susan well. Her heart and soul resides in Squamish, and she sincerely has your best interests at heart. Please support her, which will directly support you all.