Hotels, Winery, Supermarket: Taicheng Has Big Plans for Britannia Beach Property


On Tuesday, Nov. 26, SLRD staff gave the board a glimpse into ambitious, but preliminary plans, for the Britannia Beach property also known as Makin lands.

Ricky’s Grill to Open Restaurant in Squamish


Fat Burger will remain, but in a smaller capacity, said Sandra Short, marketing director for Ricky’s All Day Grill.

Garibaldi at Squamish Looks at Paradise Valley Aquifer in New Plans


At public information meeting at the Squamish Adventure Centre on Thursday, Nov. 22, GAS proponents laid bare new plans for sourcing water for the proposed ski resort on Brohm Ridge.

Squamish Chamber of Commerce Apologises to John Jervis


Squamish Chamber of Commerce has apologised to John Jervis, turning the last chapter on a bitter saga that didn’t do much to enhance the chamber’s reputation in public minds.

Live at Squamish is Now Squamish Valley Music Festival


Live at Squamish is being rechristened as the Squamish Valley Music Festival.

Squamish Refresh Market Keeps it Local


With people wishing to keep their money in their community, comes a rising up of markets where local vendors can gather to collectively sell their wares.