Live at Squamish is Now Squamish Valley Music Festival

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Nov. 23, 2012

Live at Squamish is being rechristened as the Squamish Valley Music Festival.

What’s in a name, you ask?

Tradition and confusion, says senior vice-president of production at brand.Live.

Squamish Valley Music Festival has a more traditional ring to it, Runnals said.

Besides, he added, the name Live at Squamish was causing confusion.

It was being called Squamish Live, and Live Squamish music festival live, he said.

“We have established the festival, the fan base and we are moving forward,” he added.

In a press release posted on its website, the organisers also said a bigger and a better festival will be coming back next year.

The festival is also moving to Friday and Saturday. The new dates for the festival have been confirmed as August 9-10th 2013.

The Squamish Valley Music Festival is once again expanding the site and camping capacities to accommodate the increasing demand and will be adding additional door-to-door shuttle services from both Whistler and Vancouver.

Line up and ticket information will be released in the early spring, in the meantime stay up to date by registering at or following us at @squamishfest on Twitter or at


  1. Dash Hazard says:

    Expand where?? They going to mow down the logger sports ground? Where are they going to fit more campers? They going to rip out the skate park and the free ride training park they are proposing to build?

  2. Dottie says:

    Great new name! Next… keep an eye open to see if new licencing is put into place and beer gardens become a thing of the past. Moving ahead with the times. Win, Win, Win for Squamish!

  3. adam says:

    I can only assume it will be in the Squamish Valley. If it is still in Squamish this will only add to confusion.
    The campground there is expanding and takes care of Bass Coast nicely!

    :) Adam.

  4. EM says:

    Same location, Logger Sports grounds. There are other properties nearby for camping. Not confusing at all, this is a great location in the middle of Squamish, on the flat lands, in bike riding distance. Do you know Squamish at all?

  5. Dave says:

    This is one one of the best things that has happened to Squamish. ..Well done to all organizers.
    Those of you above who subscribe to a negative view, try being more positive.
    And Dash Hazard…try a new nickname…such as Chicken-lickin (of “the sky is falling” fame)!