Fighting for Canada’s Soul


The pressure to extract and export oil will not evaporate until significant changes are made to the structure of Canadian government, economy and our lifestyles.

New Art Show at Squamish Academy of Music


Lan is marking her return to painting with a series of beautiful and imaginative works that will be displayed over the coming weeks at Squamish Academy of Music.

Tweet, Mayor Kirkham

Is it a case of careful message management, or just a generation gap?

Squamish Citizens Voice Strong Support for CIBC and Tim Hortons at Public Hearing


Squamish citizens voiced strong support for a CIBC and Tim Hortons on Garibaldi Way in a public hearing at the council chamber on Tuesday, Nov. 20.

A Stranger’s Gift

By Joanna Schwarz Published: Nov. 17, 2012 It was a perfect summer day in July. My husband and I had packed a picnic to enjoyRead More

What Squamish Downtown Needs

By Brad Hodge Published: Nov. 17, 2012 We often hear the pitch for downtown Squamish: we need a gateway sign!  We need more density!  MoreRead More