District of Squamish Acquires Hunter Property


The District of Squamish is buying two parcels of property from Richard J. Hunter, a move that will benefit those who use and advocate for the Valleycliffe Trail.

Forest of My Youth

Sally enns-main

By Sally Enns Published: Dec. 15, 2012   The forest means my entire youth to me. Without it, I don’t think I would have becomeRead More

Bryan Raiser Settles Lawsuit Out of Court


Raiser has settled out of court with a raft of defendants in his legal case that had been dragging on for three years now.

Another Dollar Store Will Open in Downtown Squamish


Dollar Tree plans to open a location in downtown Squamish on Winnipeg Street, in the building adjacent to Sears Store.

You Will Pay More for Utilities

Squamish council voted to increase the residential waste fees by $25. Residents will pay $145 from next year onwards, an addition of $25 on the existing utility fees.

Free Internet For Cleveland Ave Soon


If Davin Peterson has his way, you won’t have to hop from one place to another searching for internet in downtown Squamish.