Will Squamish Benefit from Seaspan ? Not in the Way Council Wishes


Squamish councillors have talked about setting up a training or an educational facility in the Northyards to train Seaspan workers, but we might have missed the boat on that one.

You Could Pay More for Park and Rec Services


The district is reviewing its park and recreation fees, but it’s not yet clear where you will be asked to pay more.

What She Brings Us: Santa and the Smiles


When the Christmas parade was cancelled three years ago, Shanda Dosanj took it upon herself to revive it. She has a simple motto: “We need everyone to go wow!”

Downtown Top Priority for Council this year


This year, the council will focus on downtown as their top priority, launching quick win programs and eteching out a longer vision.

Gary Golaiy Gets Rich

Gary Golaiy-MAIN

Squamisher Gary Golaiy has won a $3.3 million jackpot on a ticket he purchased at the at the Husky gas station on Garibaldi Way in Squamish.

Proposed Water Metering Unfair: Shady Tree Owner


Eivind Tornes, the owner of Shady Tree, says the new water metering system being proposed is unfair and would hurt his business. District says it’s one step towards more equitable water metering.