Triack Poses a New Test for the District

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The Triack saga is set to take a positive turn after all, it seems. The council has agreed to help Dave McRae find an alternative site for his business.

Doug Day Plans to Revive Golf Course


Developer Doug Day is reviving plans for a nine-hole golf course on the southern side of Garibaldi Springs Golf Course.

District Settles Lawsuit with Marina Estate Condo Owners


The District of Squamish has settled a lawsuit with the owners of Marina Estate. The district was one of the defendants in the lawsuit that began two years ago.

Lights, Camera, and a Lot of Action


As many as 22 movies were shot last year in Squamish, resulting in over $1.5 million in direct economic benefit to the community, the District of Squamish says.

Escaping the Silver Thaw


By Christine CampbellPublished: Jan. 13, 2013   I know I was quite young at the time of the silver thaw in, and really didn’t understandRead More

More Developers Want Permit Extensions


Nijjar has now joined a growing number of developers who are asking the district to extend their development permits, their dreams of condos and commercial offices postponed.