District Will Contribute $300,000 to Centrepoint Project


District of Squamish will cover a part of the Development Cost Charge (DCC) and contribute $188,000 from the Affordable Reserve Fund for the Centrepoint project

Tech Firm Finds a New Home in Squamish


Quantum Technology Corp., a firm specializing in helium systems, will now call Squamish home.

Squamish Foreclosures Soared with Recession


As many as 80 homes went for foreclosure sales in the last five years in Squamish.

A Grieving Mother’s Plea: Be Bright at Night


Roxanne McCall’s message is simple: “I just really want the kids to be aware and conscious, especially at night.”

Antioxidants, Small But Mighty

You may be unaware of the small war that is being fought within your body every second of the day.

A Town’s Riches

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Volunteers like Tracey Saxby and Deborah McQueen, and many like them, make our town a better place to live.