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Geoscientist Warns District to Update Flood Hazard Mgmt Plan

flood 2003

A local geoscientist is warning the district to update its obsolete Flood Hazard Management Plan (FHMP) to reflect current standards on dikes, development and climate change.

How to Start a Mommy War

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The Shock and Awe of New Parenthood

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RIP Jeff, You’re Alive in Our Hearts


By Brandy WilmotPublished: Oct. 19, 2013 On Saturday, Sept 7, the world lost an amazing man. His departure, in the eyes of all who lovedRead More

Lost Money on Squamish Music Fest: Organizer

Stawamus stage crowd-MAIN

Squamish Valley Music Festival brought thousands of music lovers to town and boosted local business. But it wasn’t the win-win most believe it to be, at least not for the organizers who claim they lost money on the event.