Are Your Credit Ratings Healthy ?

By Paul HudsonPublished: Nov. 25, 2013   Your credit rating reflects your financial health, and health, as they say, is wealth. And it pays toRead More

Remembering JFK


By John StickelPublished: Nov. 23, 2013     The flag was at half mast- that’s the first thing I noticed when they hustled us outRead More

Logging Trucks Unfairly Targeted: Forestry Advocates


Forest industry adovactes and logging truck operators say commercial vehicle inspectors have unfairly targeting logging trucks following the accident that claimed the life of a West Vancouver man.

A Trail That Will Spin a Yarn


Meg Fellowes is proposing a trail that will string the town’s well-known buildings and its natural assets in a loop, helping us share the stories that bind our diverse community together.

Over $600,000 Paid to consultants in 2012

District of Squamish

District of Squamish made out cheques over $600,000 to an array of consultants in 2012, the Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) reveals.

‘Deafening Silence’ on Herring Loss: Harbour Manager


The Harbour Authority of Squamish manager is questioning the ‘deafening silence’ of councillors and environmentalists over an oil spill that he believes affected the herring spawn this March.