SODC Board Resigns, Negotiating Team Announced

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Nov. 9, 2013

All three members of the SODC Board submitted their resignation on Nov.7, their positions taken by an interim board made up of three district officials.

SODC Chair Bill McNeney, vice-chair Gregg Smyth, and director Matt Fraser resigned to allow for the district-led negotiating team to move forward, a press release issued by the district stated.

“The community should be proud of their efforts, and join us in expressing thanks to them.” Coun. Heintzman

Coun. Patricia Heintzman said the three worked through an ‘incredibly tough challenge’ and have done an inordinate amount of work on behalf of the community.

Bill McNeney

Bill McNeney in a file photo

“Our appreciation for their efforts cannot be expressed enough,” she said.

“The community should be proud of their efforts, and join us in expressing thanks to them.”

The board, she added, brought back to council and the community an exciting development proposal that recognizes the importance and value of this property to the community.

SODC chair Bill McNeney said he was fortunate to work with many committed people.

“Personally I am very proud of the team we put together and the results we delivered to you,” he said.

“Best of fortune in going forward in these very exciting times for the Oceanfront Lands. Our great community deserves this future.”

Meantime, district has appointed a new interim board of directors.

District staff Linda Glenday, Randy Stoyko, General Manager of Business and Community Services, and Rod MacLeod, Director of Engineering will fill the positions.

The SODC will continue to oversee environmental monitoring, continue to fulfill the financing requirements and wind down operations.

Negotiating Team Announced

District of Squamish has announced the team that will negotiate the Oceanfront development agreement with Matthews Southwest Developments (MSW) and Bethel Lands Corporation (Bethel). The core negotiating team includes:

Jay Wollenberg, President of Coriolis Consulting Corp. With over 30 years of practice as a professional planner and real estate analyst, Wollenberg has been responsible for a wide array of market analysis (for retail, service, residential, office, and industrial uses), financial analysis, land use planning, community planning, and other projects, the media release.

 Don Lidstone, Lidstone & Company, legal representatives for the District of Squamish. Lidstone has practiced generally in the area of local government law since 1980. His local government law focus is in the areas of governance, opinions and agreements, land use and sustainable development, regulatory approvals, and legislative drafting, which has included the drafting of the Community Charter.

Corien Speaker, Chief Administrative Officer, District of Squamish

The negotiating team will also be supported by:

Linda Glenday, General Manager of Development Services & Public Works, District of Squamish

Jonathan Silcock, Project Manager, Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation

Mayor Rob Kirkham

Chris Bishop, Director of Development Services, District of Squamish, (seconded to coordinate District processing)

Other experts as required.

Negotiations with the MSW/ Bethel team are set to begin November 13, 2013. Council will be kept apprised of the negotiations and will weigh in as required.

As key pieces are completed , or as any aspects arise that require community engagement, they will be brought forward to the public, the media release said.


  1. LArry McLennan says:

    Why do i have the feeling that the door has just been shut with regard to getting answers to pesky questions posed by this newspaper and sundry bloggers?

  2. Larry Murray says:

    The SODC was created to enable a Municipal Council to benefit from development projects owned by the District. I thought Municipal staff had full time jobs and now 5 staff and the Mayor have been assigned to the major task of negotiating a very, very complex deal on behalf of the citizens. Such negotiating is a full time role if done properly. I wonder if the Community Charter allows the use of Councillors and Muni Staff to perform such tasks?
    Qualex departed because the process became political. Now it is completely political.