Streamkeepers Pull Eight Derelict Boats out of Mamquam Blind Channel


Squamish Streamkeepers pulled eight derelict boats out of the Mamquam Blind Channel on Jan. 18.

District Mulls Ban on Future Drive-Thrus


Squamish plans to amend its Official Community Plan (OCP) to restrict future drive-thru businesses in town, a move opposed by Canadian restaurant association, Tim Hortons, and local drive-thru business owners.

DIY Skatepark Rattles District

Ka'ee kass

District of Squamish issued a stop work order and slapped a $1000 fine on a DIY skatepark under Quest University Bridge in Garibaldi Highlands. Skateboarders say the project will help youth do something constructive, even if it was completed without district permission.

An American Living in Squamish ? Uncle Sam Wants Your Money


Americans living outside the US now face more tax scrutiny with a new law that critics deride as draconian and impractical.

Woodfibre LNG Announces Public Consultation Dates


Woodfibre LNG invites you to participate in upcoming community consultation. These will be the first in several consultation sessions, as Woodfibre LNG is seeks feedback regarding several topics related to project planning and environmental assessment.

Adding Ballet to the Science Project


This is the principle behind Art-Starts in Schools: Infusion. Creating new connections in the brain through arts deepens and expands the learning experience.