OCP Isn’t a Scripture

By Brad HodgePublished: Jan. 25, 2014                 Recently I read in these pages of Councillor Susan Chapelle’s decision to seek re-election.  The article touchedRead More

What Strikes As Unfair to a Councillor ?


By Spencer FitschenPublished: Jan. 25, 2014   Fair: “Treating people equally without favouritism or discrimination” (Oxford Dictionaries) Unfair:” not based on or behaving according toRead More

Western Forest Products Sue Derelict Boat Owner


Western Forest Products (WFP), the company that owns Woodfibre, is suing Steen Larsen to remove a derelict vessel moored on their water lot.

Mountain Biking Pumps $8 Million into Local Economy: SORCA


Tourists are major users of Squamish’s trail network and they pumped between $2.7 and $4 million in the local economy on weekends alone last summer, according to the latest SORCA study.

A Teardrop on the Cheek of Squamish


Located besides the Squamish Elementary School, the tear drop is the first parcel of empty land that greets visitors to downtown Squamish. Some hope it can be cleaned and spruced so it can be more inviting for visitors for whom its often the first impression.

Labour Market Information for Squamish

training innovation

Andrea Smith, an employment resource specialist, writes a weekly labour market report. She has agreed to share it with readers of the Squamish Reporter.