Film Company Faces Fines for Illegal Film Shoot at Smoke Bluffs Park

smoke bluffs

Film crews are required to hire film liasion person to shoot at the Smoke Bluffs Park.

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: March 21, 2014

District of Squamish may fine a film production company for illegally shooting at the Smoke Bluff Park in January.

The illegal movie shoot was discovered by Brian Moorehead, a member of the Smoke Bluffs Park Committee.


In fact, Moorehead stumbled upon the film crew of five people while they were filming at the Neat and Cool section of the Smoke Bluffs Park.

The film crew didn’t have luck on their side. Another citizen may have just waved and kept moving, but not Moorhead.

He happens to be a film liaison volunteer for movie production companies when they come to town seeking permission to shoot at Smoke Bluff Park.

When he questioned them, they feigned ignorance.

“They sneaked in with hand-held cameras, but they didn’t do any damage to the park,” he said.

An illegal film shooting can be stopped by a court injunction or a call to RCMP.

Morehead said the January incident was a minor infraction, but the committee has recommended to the council to review the film policy and fine the offending company.

The district didn’t respond to questions until publication time about whether it will pursue the film company.

Every year, two to three film crews ask the district for permission to shoot scenes in the park.

Most of them are adventure or TV shows, with the CBC’s Arctic show a noticeable shoot last year.

The district requires film companies to hire a film liaison person to shoot in the Smoke Bluffs Park.

Moorehead, among other local climbers, is part of this group which has 10 people.

The film liaison person is with the film companies from the moment they enter the park.

Acting both as a guide and a watchdog, he ensures the film crews aren’t cutting down trees, removing climbing hardware or altering the rock immutably.

“We make sure they tidy up the park when they leave right up to cleaning the cigarette stubs,” he said.

The film liaison position just for Smoke Bluff Park is relatively new.

It was established about five years ago after a film crew removed climbing hardware even after they were declined the request to do so.

Since then, the district has created a policy document to protect natural elements and infrastructure.

This isn’t the first time Moorehead has found out about illegal shoot; sometimes, they are too small to be complained about.

He once came upon a girl jumping in a monkey suit, which he later found out was a subject in a shooting for a commercial


  1. TJay says:

    You guys are anal idiots.
    It’s OK to abort live human babies like yesterdays garbage, but to film…oh noooo we can’t do THAT !
    I feel sooo safe now. Phhhhht !!

    • David Lassmann says:

      TJay, you need help. What does the issue of abortions or garbage have to do with unlicensed film production? Phhhht! Speak to the subject. However, some guys with hand-held cameras does not sound like a major film shoot. (Or a minor one for that matter.) For me, the main issue would be would this activity interfere with the public’s normal enjoyment of the park. If not, then who cares?

  2. Dave says:

    David, I agree with all of your points. Let’s just put aside the observation you make about the inappropriateness of the above commenter for a moment ,even if I do agree with you. This person does have an extraordinary mode of expression which I have seen in other posts.!
    But I do think that to fine the film company for such a minor transgression does not further the future attraction of film companies to our town. They do inject money into our local economy and we should nurture this.