SAM Gets a Makeover


SAM is back—and he’s back in style, with a smile, a sparkle in his eye, a new hat and a diamond in his tooth.

Broadway or Bust Presents ‘Annie Jr.’ on July 25 and 26


Broadway Or Bust students will present one of the most beloved musicals of all time, Annie Jr at the Eagle Eye Theatre. As many as 42 students will take the stage to present “Annie Jr.” on Friday, July 25th and 26th.

Thief Returns Stolen Bike

stolen bike

Paige McIvor’s faith in humanity is stronger this year after the thief who stole her bike returned it after listening to her plea.

Tuesday’s council meeting: A Grumpy Mayor, a Combative Councillor and an Anti-LNG protest


The carnivalesque protest met the humourless state once again on Tuesday, July 15 as members of the My Sea to Sky made their presentations to the Squamish council.

What is a local job anyway?

The word ‘Jobs’ is in the air again, and will be so increasingly the nearer we come to the municipal election. Its present popularity owes much to the debate about LNG Woodfibre.

Confessions of a Squamish Entrepreneur

There is no denying Squamish’s entrepreneurial spirit. I see new businesses opening almost every week, everyone trying their ideas out on a very progressive market.