Of Risks and Rewards in Squamish

Six years ago, we arrived in Squamish to live the good life. When investigating which community we would be calling home, one of the draws was the potential the oceanfront lands held for the future of the community. All the ingredients were there; the new highway was going in, the Olympics were on the horizon, and there seemed to be a definite buzz in the air. Then it happened…

‘Open for Business a Priority’: Coun. Raiser


Now in his second term as a councillor, Bryan Raiser has shown a lot more grit and grasp than his constituents and supporters are used to seeing.

Food Co-op Idea Wins $2,000 Startup Capital


Entrepreneur Colleen Myers won $2000 to launch a local food Co-op in town.

Seventh Ave Remains on Paper


The district is keeping quiet on what it may cost to create a commercial truck route for industry such as the Squamish terminals.

The People Behind the Squamish LNG Committee

District of Squamish

Last month, the District of Squamish appointed 13 community members to help staff assess the proposed Woodfibre Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project. The district recently updated its website to reveal a fuller view of who the people behind the LNG committee are.

Derelict Boat Stays in Howe Sound


It’s been almost a month since Steen Larsen promised the boat would be removed, but it remains in Squamish, casting an ominous shadow on the Howe Sound.