District of Squamish Cracks Down on Illegal Suites

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Aug 4, 2014

Building inspectors cracked down on two illegal suites last month, asking the council to file a building code contravention at the land title office.

The unlawful suites at 38428 Buckley Ave were found by the fire department during an inspection, after which they brought the complaint to the building department.

When building inspectors Chad Williams and Richard Matthews went to inspect the suites, they found a number of life safety concerns.

Tenants were asked to vacate the suit, and a Do not occupy sign was placed on them.

Later, the owner from Vancouver wrote to the inspectors saying he would submit a development application, but didn’t.

The unpermitted suites also fall within an identified riparian area which may require habitat mitigation and compensation, the inspectors told the council.

They were also crumbling. One portion of the addition was supported by a hollow block wall that seemed to be falling under the load imposed on it.

Inspectors also found an unauthorized sliding door that was used to access the balcony and a point of egress that was then blocked off.

The owner, Mr. Takhar said he owned the building for more than 10 years and there were no records of the problems mentioned by the district now.

“I have bought the building in 2002 and since then I have haven’t had any problem with any inspector or fire department.

“This is a grandfathered building, and I request you not to pass their resolution.”