Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, But Not Where You Expect

Since the closure of Woodfibre mill in 2006 many in Squamish have bemoaned the loss of industrial tax revenues and well-paying jobs. With eyes firmly planted in the past resource-industry glory it is easy to miss the fundamental economic shift taking place now and into the future.

‘It’s Been a Great Start to the Gondola’: Trevor Dunn


No other tourism venture has taken our town to such soaring heights as the Sea to Sky Gondola. It has brought generous and positive press attention to Squamish, and has emboldened locals to think of themselves as a tourism destination in itself, not just a pit stop on the way to Whistler. Gagandeep Ghuman spoke to Trevor Dunn about the public response to the gondola and plans for the future.

The Best Squamish Fall Adventures

fall in fergies

As the air gets crisper and the sun starts to set earlier. The short days mean less daylight hours to play outside, however, there are still many incredible adventures to experience in Squamish. We compiled this list of the best fall adventures for you and your family to enjoy rain or shine.

Squamish Thanksgiving Food Drive Nets 8,200 Pounds of Food


More than 50 volunteers visited some 4,564 homes and collected more than 8,200 pounds of non-perishable food for the Squamish Food Bank as part of the BC Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Judge Orders Aqua Developers to Pay $24 Million to BMO


A BC Supreme Court judge has ruled in favour of Bank of Montreal (BMO) and ordered the Aqua developer to pay the bank $24 million, as well as interest owing from March 2013.

A Question Gnaws at Them: What Happened to Jodi ?


Her family has made peace with the fact that they won’t see Jodi Henrickson ever again, but a question gnaws at them every day: What happened to her?