Bryan Raiser Seeks Re-Election

Coun. Bryan Raiser said he will seek re-election to Squamish council in November. If elected, it would be his third term in council.

“Looking back at the Squamish when I was first elected to the Squamish of today is nothing short of astounding,” he said.

“The transition we waited over a decade for is upon us and I would be honored if the people of Squamish choose me to continue to represent them in the council chambers.”

Susan Chapelle and Rob Weys are other locals who have declared their candidacy for municipal elections slated for Nov. 15. Rob Kirkham and Ron Bahm are in the race for the Mayor’s seat.


  1. Jon S. says:

    I wouldn’t be sad to see this self serving counselor go. I was appalled by his greedy proposal for another mayor and council raise right as we are facing a major tax increases.

  2. Rick says:

    Here here. Time wounds all heels.