Cheekeye Mitigation Plan: A 35-metre Barrier and a Sedimentation Basin


Hazard mitigation for a proposed housing development in Brackendale involves a 35-metre high barrier and a sedimentation basin that will protect the area from one in a 10,000 year debris hazard event.

Woodfibre LNG Holds Business Information Session


There will be business opportunities for local companies in construction, remediation, marine transport, medical services and supplies, installation, structural fabrication, etc, company representatives said.

Could Squamish become a Solar City ?


By Matt BlackmanPublished: Nov. 29, 2014   Whether you are for or against it, the proposed Woodfibre LNG became a lightning-rod issue in the lastRead More

Downtown Squamish: The Heart of Our Holidays


Season’s Greetings from the Downtown Squamish Business Improvement Association (DSBIA)! It’s been an extremely successful year downtown and what a better way to wrap up 2014 than to celebrate the Holidays?

Highway Safety Ignored on Squamish Intersections


Ministry of Transportation proudly says it spent $795 million on Highway 99 to make it the safest highway in the province. That may well be true if the ministry is willing to ignore an ICBC report from 2002 whose recommendations have still not been implemented.

What’s the Cluck About ?


Thomas Schneider is a devoted food grower who also owns four chickens. He believes it was ridiculous for the district to have a bylaw that restricted chicken.