Imagining Squamish

Recently, the New York Times, arguably the world’s most influential newspaper, listed Squamish as one of the world’s top must-see places. This new laudation (and there have been many, thanks to the Sea to Sky Gondola) will boost our brand and bring in more visitors, some of whom will return to call this place home

But we locals are intimately familiar with what NYT has merely hinted at: Squamish is at a crossroads. If Squamish is no longer a pit stop between Whistler and Vancouver, then what is it?

There is no doubt that we are on a growth path, but there is also confusion and doubt about where this path will lead us. There are developments in several directions which have led to confusion and strife.

Will we finally make peace with the fact that we are a suburb of Vancouver or will our entrepreneurial self-image shine through? Will tourism be our only destination?  Will we be richer but shorn of our green cover?

What kind of future can we imagine for our town in 20 years? This special issue of the Squamish Reporter is an attempt to create a road map for moving forward.

Although a seemingly whimsical idea, it’s necessary to chart and debate our future. The world, after all, seems to have discovered Squamish. It’s time we do that too.

                                                                                                                                                                               Gagandeep Ghuman