Squamish 2035: When Mother Nature Won

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Sitting on top of the Chief in 2035 with eyes wondering over Howe Sound and the Squamish River valley below, not much appears to have changed in the last 20 years at first glance.

Boost Industrial Taxes-Or Feel the Squeeze


Municipalities, unlike provinces, do not have a wide array of taxation powers to rely on to fund their needs. Unless this is changed, and especially if Squamish does not find a way to replace its depleted industrial tax base, we will all feel the squeeze.

Squamish 2035: Investment in Manufacturing and Light Industry Key


What about Woodfibre? If an LNG export terminal is built there, by the year 2035 there easily exist complimentary industries on or related to the site. By this time – who knows? – perhaps there may be plans for biofuels production and shipping there. After all, present business plans are only based on a 25 year horizon.

Squamish 2035: Build for the Future, Not the Past


So what does the future of tourism in 20 years from now look like? Well that depends on many things. Not the least of course is what the community leadership has a vision for. But let’s assume a few things are done over the next two decades.

Squamish 2035: Will We Support Our Innovators?

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Within the past twenty years, monolithic and hierarchal employers have been replaced with organizations of highly networked free-agents. Jobs for a lifetime are being replaced with the lifetime of a job. So how will we prepare for working in 2035?

Squamish 2035: Which Future Will We Choose ?

Woodfibre LNG Project Rendering June 2014

At the time of writing, there is a palpable sense of optimism toward this vision. Partly this may stem from a fresh council with new leadership, but also the visible expansion or recent arrival of some signature businesses that fit the theme: Pink Bike, Anthill, Solterra’s new multi-use centre in the business park, Academy of Music, CMA, Quest, etc.