Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide


We are all part of civil society. We each come with our own belief system whether it is religion with a capital noun such as Islam or Christianity, a less organized form of spirituality or as an avowed atheist.

Blue Trees: But Who Decides What is Art ?


The wealth and value of art is that the journey or experience helps get us closer in our struggle to understand.

Blue Trees: It Can As Well Send a Wrong Message


when I heard we were getting an international artist in Squamish, I expected something truly unique. I was excited and waiting to be inspired but I must say I’m utterly disappointed at the Blue Tree Project.

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur?


You don’t have to be a finance whiz-kid or a marketing guru to become a successful entrepreneur. You don’t even need to have lots of money. Here are a few inspiring stories of ordinary people in Squamish who have built businesses by just following their need to succeed.

‘Social Venture Challenge’ Launched to Support Entrepreneurs in the Sea to Sky Region


The Centre for Sustainability is launching a new Social Venture Challenge (SVC), a new program to support entrepreneurs in the Squamish-Lillooet / Sea to Sky region to develop new business initiatives that have community benefits.

The Church Will Live On In The Pews


Masterton is one of the people who have bought pews from the Squamish United Church as it prepares to dismantle the old church for a Centrepoint project. The pew will sit in her home and remind her of the choir, her parents and the faith and love the church instilled in her.