A Rational Theory of Politics

Those who decide the outcome of elections — and the fate of the country — is a very powerful minority, away from the shrieking hordes of supporters and fans and even the so-called silent majority.

How Sachi Survived the Hiroshima Bombing


After incinerating fire and black rain came years of scarcity and disease. Sachi Rummel, now a Squamish resident, survived it all.

A Planner Comes to a Transforming Town


Velaniskis’s new position ties directly to his education at Guelph, where he specialized in rural planning. With competing priorities of industrial, residential and agricultural land use, planning in rural communities offers unique challenges to planners.

Get Healed by a Dog


Skybear is no ordinary dog, not on the weekdays when she is at her job spreading love and happiness among the guests at the Chopra Treatment Centre in Paradise Valley.

An Hour That Can Change a Life


You don’t need a degree in psychology to mentor a child at Big Brothers and Big Sisters

New in Town: The Igor Family


SQUAMISH bewitched Igor and Raquel Oliveira the first time they came to stay a few years ago at the Executive Suites Hotel. The couple who lived in Vancouver at that time came for a weekend escape but left with admiration and a lingering desire to perhaps call Squamish their home at some point.