Harper: A Pragmatic and Savvy Prime Minister

By Larry McLennanPublished: Sept 13, 2015 STEPHEN Harper is much better than his alternatives, that is Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau. In my several decades ofRead More

Let’s STOP Stephen Harper!


One need only to look at the wool that has been pulled over our eyes regarding any sort of economic recovery ever having taken place to realize that our middle and lower classes are currently under siege.

The Cost of Freedom

No matter what happens to you, there is always an impact upon others, and often with high financial costs.

I Say…Squamish Schools, Go Digital


By Lindsay Nevison Published: Sept 9, 2015   MOVING a new place isn’t a new thing for our family as I grew up with aRead More

I Say…Come, Let’s Quilt


Whether travelling or reading a quilting magazine, my interest is always piqued in new ideas and trends in the world of quilting textiles. Our quilting guild shares our activities on our website https://squamishquilters.wordpress.com/ Come visit us, first Wednesday every month.

Schools: Every Parent Can Contribute


THERE is a lot of important work to be done in our schools that our principals and teachers need support with. What I know in my head and heart is every single parent can truly make a meaningful contribution.