Garibaldi at Squamish Gets Environmental Assessment Certificate


Environment Minister Mary Polak and Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations Minister Steve Thomson have issued an environmental assessment certificate to Garibaldi at Squamish Inc. for the Garibaldi at Squamish project (GAS).

Great Wolf Lodge: Become a Part of Our Community


A guests-only destination is at odds with the spirit of Squamish, the welcoming Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.

Great Wolf Lodge: Allow Them Their Business Model

Conny Millard

Putting away my mother hat and my business consultant hat on, I find myself agreeing with the company policy.

Mayor Heintzman Flunks Her Own Test


Mayor Patricia Heintzman made 11 promises in her election ad and vowed to fulfill them in her first four months. An year later, I took stock of the situation and spoke to her. I found I could not give her more than 2.5 marks out of nine (two of her promises were not tangible enough to rate). When she seemed to be totally unaware of her promises, I decided not to remind her of the advertisement and see if she remembered it at any point during the conversation on the promises. I did not get any sign that she did. All I sensed was evasion and amnesia.

‘Never Stop Singing, Caroline’


Caroline Solonenko’s karaoke nights bring joy at Squamish Hilltop House.

Yoga in the Mountains


AS THEY finish their brief stroll along the Stawamus trail, Gabriel Shamash and Jasmin Parkin are elated at having discovered a new trail a few minutes from their new home in Valleycliffe. “Wow, this is beautiful, I’m going to be back here soon,” says Jasmin as she looks up at the snow-laden Squamish Chief.