I SAY…Put Yourself Out Into the Community


Five years ago I packed, left Ontario and headed across the country like so many of you have done and I said, “This is a great opportunity and you are going to be just fine.

I SAY…Come, Hang Out at Quest


I’VE LIVED in Squamish for three years now, but I had lived in Squamish until last summer, that is to say, down the hill from where Quest is.

Squamish Helping Hands Adopts Recycle Bicycle Program

RB 2 (s)

The Squamish Helping Hands Society is expanding its suite of community services to include Recycle Bicycle Program which will become Helping Hands’ newest social enterprise.

People, Politicians and Promises

A bit of dishonesty, or let’s say misrepresentation, has become an essential part of politics. Indeed, the word ‘politics’ itself has come to have negative connotations. Yet, people are never a harsh judge of politicians.

The Road to Fun and Growth


One potential project worth looking at would be a road linking the Sunshine Coast to Squamish.

The Bylaws in Squamish Are Up For Revision

District of Squamish

Squamish is growing quickly. To keep up with our community’s needs, the District of Squamish has started the annual update of the District’s Zoning Bylaw with a goal of completing it by the end of January 2016.