Home is Not a Mere Commodity

THE CHASM between the monetary and the social value of a home has never been greater than it is now.

Are You Being Priced Out of Town ?


Real estate booms as Squamish finally gets the attention it deserves but we need more affordable housing for those who don’t want to be priced out of town.

Playing With Fire

Fire department

An expert audit report ignored by he council shows the community needs to ask some serious questions on fire safety and thinking that goes into decision-making behind the closed doors of the District of Squamish.

A Marine Education Center on the Nexen Lands


Let’s get it done: A Marine Education Center in a dedicated building on the Nexen Lands.

No Good in Low Property Value

for sale

A speculation tax will decrease property values which will translate into a reduction in equity for existing home owners.

Knowing Jesus in a Non-Preachy Way


Younglife inspires teens to mentor and develop positive relationships.