Highway 99: Actionable Suggestions by a Citizen


Here is a brief list of problem areas accompanied by actionable suggestions, some that can be accomplished quickly while others more involved.

LNG Direct Action: Law Cannot Bow to Personal Beliefs

Opponents of LNG are of course entitled to follow their conscience and peacefully protest. But they cannot be allowed to short-circuit the proponent’s legal rights.

Direct Action: When the System No Longer Works


But when a government systematically fails its citizens in spite of facts, in spite of overwhelming opposition to a project, that flies in the face of common sense, Direct Action becomes unavoidable.

Centrepoint Celebrates a Milestone as Building Demolition Begins


Sea to Sky Community Services and Squamish United Church announced a major milestone in their effort to build Centrepoint : final remediation and demolition work has begun at the site, in preparation for construction.

Something for Everyone at Squamish Culture and History Fest


There will be something for everyone on April 30, including food, entertainment, displays, and student research projects. And the best part, it’s free.

Nowhere to Park in Downtown Squamish


As parking problem in downtown Squamish grows, we must think of effective, long-term solutions now.