Should We Punish Growth in Squamish?

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Problem of affordable housing can have smart solutions instead of levying a blanket tax on foreign buyers who are significant drivers of economic growth. Mayor Heintzman has written a letter urging the province to implement the foreign buyers tax in Squamish.

Mayor’s Letter to the Province

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Tax holiday in boom time? Council votes to withdraw exemption to Oceanfront


Doug Race is the only one who wants 10-year tax holiday to continue for Oceanfront.

Free market versus governmental control

By and large, we have seen, the state control over economy has proved disastrous.

Screening for Canadian values has no value 

THE idea of screening new immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian’ values makes little sense to me.

Brackendale Property Owner to Sue District 


A Brackendale property owner is planning to take the province and the District of Squamish to the court for what he claims is unlawful and discriminatory decision that has cost him millions of dollars.