MLA Jordan Sturdy On His Past and Future

Incumbent Liberal Party MLA Jordan Sturdy is contesting to retain the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding in the May 9 provincial election. Here is a brief interview with Sturdy. 

  1. What are some of the achievements that you are proud of ?

Recognizing the pressures that growth and improved access have placed on the Sea to Sky landscape, be it from recreational, residential or commercial development, bringing the Cumulative Effects Assessment Framework to work in Howe Sound is an important step to measuring and managing the impacts of all activities on the landscape.  In order to avoid unintended consequences and depreciating value components to Howe Sound, the land base and the communities surrounding, the cumulative Effects Assessment Framework gives us the tools we need to monitor trends and ensure that Howe Sound continues to recover. Local access to healthcare services is fundamental to a healthy community and I have been pleased to be able to double operating room time and contribute to bringing hospice care to Squamish for the first time.  Government has committed to ongoing operational dollars to fund four hospice beds and a capital contribution to building the beds in Hilltop House at Squamish General Hospital 


  1. What were some of your important poll promises that you were able to keep ?

 The importance of our Sea to Sky transportation network cannot be underestimated. The work this government has been doing with ongoing highway safety improvements, a commitment to cycling infrastructure and road maintenance along with a commitment to putting in place a regional transit system all contribute to maintaining the capacity critical to our quality of life and the vibrancy of our economy.  I heard loud and clear that connecting the Sea to Sky communities with Metro Vancouver utilizing a public transit option was a regional priority and while we don’t yet have all the pieces in place, I was able to bring to the table government’s commitment to funding the provincial share of a regional transit system.  I committed to bringing my 25 years of experience as a resident, employee and business owner, along with my local and regional government experience, to the task of representing West Vancouver – Sea to Sky.  I have done just that.  I have been in almost constant dialogue with the local governments and open and available to constituents of Squamish and the Sea to Sky. 


  1. What are the promises that couldn’t be completed in this term ?

The Sea to Sky is such a dynamic place that the work is never done.  I don’t believe that I made promises that I didn’t keep but there is no question that there is much more to do.

  1. What would you do to complete them this term if elected ?

 Seeing in operation a regional transit system spanning the whole Sea to Sky is an attainable goal which I am committed to achieving.  Expanding on our government’s commitments to providing affordable housing opportunities through ownership programs along with affordable rental supports and low barrier shelter options is not just my commitment but is backed up by your government.  On the land base we are already actioning a recreational opportunities analysis to better understand how we can plan for and manage the growth in visits to the area.  This is important as we understand the global interest in the region and embrace our obligation to maintain our collective experience and quality of life in the Sea to Sky.  We are blessed with the opportunity of needing to manage growing demand rather than the limited choices of economic decline, but this responsibility generates complex scenarios that I am committed to understanding and attempting to resolve.

  1. What is the single most important lesson you have learned as a MLA ?

I have been compelled to pay attention to my own particular process of review and decision making and with that have learned to better understand why I think what I think.  As a result, I better appreciate the region, the province and even the country in all its complexities.



  1. Muriel Shephard says:
    Where are the interviews with the other candidates?
    You are showing partiality.

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