Squamish Mayor Gets a Pay Raise

Squamish Mayor will take home $5,000 dollars more this year as council voted to increase the salary to bring it at par with Lower Mainland communities. 

Squamish Mayor took home $68, 548 in 2016. The position will pay $73,582 in 2017. The council made the decision in June, and it will be applied retroactively to January 1, 2017.  

Mayor and Squamish council remuneration was considered as one of the areas of Service Level Increases in the 2017 budget and 2017/2018 financial plan workshops. At the December 16 workshop, Council were informed of a compensation review project completed by BCIT students.

The review outlined that the Mayor’s remuneration was approximately 11 per cent ($7,520) less than comparable municipalities. Councillors were found to be approximately 3.5 per cent less than comparable municipalities.

As a result of this discussion, council directed staff to conduct further review and in particular to compare the Mayor’s remuneration with similar municipalities that have full-time.

The staff review found out that the Mayors remuneration was 7.5 per cent less than the comparable municipalities with full-time Mayors and 9.5 less  than the compared municipalities that had both full and part-time Mayors.

Squamish councillors will also see a nominal increase in their salary. In 2015, a Squamish councillor made $30,355.00. In 2017, that number grew to $31,640. 

The annual remuneration of the Mayor and council is likely to increase in 2018, as they are subject to the same cost of living increase a DOS exempt employees.





  1. David St Luke says:

    While “bringing it in line” with other lower mainland mayors might seem to be acceptable,what is the population of these other centres? What is the population of Squamish? Twenty two thousand? Yes it is growing, but these increases by city’s and municipalities are raised faster than the norm. It was noted by the previous Liberal gov’t that is was getting out of hand. Do the citizens have a say in any of these raises? NO! the taxpayer can only afford so much and all cities in b.c. should have a sober second thought.

  2. Reckoning Day says:

    You get what you pay for. Tsk tsk.

  3. Dave Colwell says:

    She deserves it. Itis a demanding position and she works harder than most who get more. Many people do not balk in paying lawyers who spend many hour on the golf course while their secretararies do most of the work.

    • Anne Bright says:

      Well Deserved. Dave Colwell – LOL. Being a paralegal, I can attest that lawyers and staff work very hard indeed and YES people balk, balk, balk and don’t pay. I’ve worked for upward of 30 lawyers and none of them played golf. Ha Doctors however… Ha