Are You Happy With the District of Squamish ? Let Them Know

Do you feel safe in your community? Does transit meet your needs? Do you think Squamish has sufficient recreation facilities for a wide range of ages?

The District of Squamish is looking for feedback on these, and other high level topic areas to help inform decision-making around the 2018 to 2022 Five Year Financial Plan. 

“As 2018 Budget discussions get underway, the District of Squamish is checking in to see if we’re on track,” says Mayor Patricia Heintzman. “We want to hear how we’re doing across the operations and service areas the District of Squamish oversees, and to get direct input from citizens on topics that impact the budget.” 

The survey takes residents through a series of infographics providing a snapshot, within each budget area, of some of the ways the budget was dispersed in 2017. Questions centred around that general budget area follow.

The District also asks what residents feel are the most pressing issues facing the community in the coming year.

“We invite citizens to share their thoughts on high level topics such as public safety, recreation, infrastructure renewal and more,” says Heintzman. “We are listening.”

The survey will be available through December 15, 2017.


  1. Dave Colwell says:

    Stop spending unnecessary money on gimmicky high priced items which require expensive external commissions and studies, No more public art combined with utility items which involve paying exorbitant artists fees. The recent signs issue is the best example I can think of here. I am all for public art but the funding should not come exclusively out of the tax-payer’s pockets. Even the blue-trees didn’t do that. This is not “humbugging” but pragmatism. The whims and fancies of individual Council members should not impose long lasting legacies which we have to live with, like it or not.