RCMP reports multiple collisions on Highway 99

The Sea to Sky Traffic Services responded to multiple single vehicle collisions along Highway 99.  In three separate incidents vehicles slid off the highway or collided with traffic medians after driving through slush and pooling water. No serious injuries were reported by the involved drivers and passengers.  

The Squamish RCMP is asking drivers to slow down and remain attentive during inclement weather.

A driver was also caught driving over 140 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on Hwy 99 near Lions Bay. The driver was issued a $368 violation ticket for excessive speed and his vehicle was impounded for 7 days.

The Squamish RCMP responded to a motor vehicle incident in the Garibaldi Village shopping plaza. An unknown vehicle collided with a parked Hyundai Sonata near the Independent Grocer.

A note was left on the windshield of the Hyundai Sonata however it was damaged by the heavy rain and could not be read. The Squamish RCMP is asking the driver who collided with the Hyundai Sonata to contact police.


  1. Dave Colwell says:

    Meanwhile, we have to pay big premiums to a “one size fits all’ Insurance organization…NOT FAIR. I am 72 and NEVER have had an accident on our highways…but I pay the same premium as these assholes, almost…give or take the small penalties that are levied against them for major infractions! And soon I will have to take a test to see if I am safe!?? BS!

  2. Is that the same Dave Colwell that just moaned about the poor folks that got all their belongings (and trash)
    washed away in the floods. Now he’s showing incredible empathy for folks in driving accidents in the snow!
    Dave , we pay premiums so that we SHARE the troubles with those less fortunate than us!

  3. Dave Colwell says:

    Well “Donny” a.k.a. Mr or Ms.. “Incognito”: This has nothing to do with those less fortunate, it has to do with those who drive carelessly to the point that they cause accidents which kill and maim. They should pay more for their insurance. And I have nothing against camping but it would better if they used a campsite that was legal and cleaned the site up a bit. It is called consideration. Try to be a little less bitter….You might feel better!

  4. David St Luke says:

    We need more enforcement on hwy 99 period. The supposed 60k zone through at the entrance of the valleycliff intersection on the weekends is a joke!!! Watch the people running yellow lights, red lights lane switchers through town doing the whistler 500!!

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