“We’re Going to Have Some Service Cuts”


In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, the general manager of financial services Joanne Greenlees talks about expenses, reserves, debt and the challenge of drafting a budget that balances service expectations and tax increases.

‘Our Contribution Won’t be Small’: Woodfibre LNG vice-president


An LNG export facility being planned on former Woodfibre pulp mill sit has thrilled and worried Squamishers. While many welcome the jobs and taxes the facility will create, there are others who are anxious to know its impact on environment. In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, the vice-president of corporate affairs at Woodfibre Natural Gas, Byng Giraud, answers questions about the project.

‘It’s not always what you read in the paper’


An interview with SLRD area D director, Maurice Freitag.

‘No Burden to Taxpayers on SODC Deal’: Mayor Kirkham


In an interview with the Reporter, Mayor Rob Kirkham and the SODC vice-chair Gregg Smyth chalk out the next steps for Oceanfront development.

‘Gondola Will Make Squamish a Destination’


In an interview with the Reporter, Jayson Faulkner, the General Manager of the Sea to Sky Gondola, talks about how the gondola will change the perception of Squamish, making the town a destination in itself.

An Interview with Garibaldi at Squamish (GAS) Proponent, Wolfgang Richter


In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, Wolfgang Richter, founder and vice-president of Garibaldi at Squamish, traces the chequered history of a project that has become synonymous with his name.