• Red Cross to assist Squamish, Whistler in emergencies

    District of Squamish and Resort Municipality of Whistler have both signed agreements with the Canadian Red Cross that will enable them to better provide immediate assistance for people impacted by fires, landslides, floods or other emergencies.

    What Squamish Can Learn from North Vancouver

    City of North Vancouver is teaming up with a local business in that city to create an alternative heat source for residents. The goal? Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build sustainable models for energy consumption.

    Developers Cry Foul Over Oceanfront DCC Agreement

    Oceanfront developer Michael Hutchison has put $38 million at stake without any guarantee of reimbursement. Other developers cry foul, saying the district is shiftting the risk to the community with this DCC agreement.

    Highway Safety Ignored on Squamish Intersections

    Ministry of Transportation proudly says it spent $795 million on Highway 99 to make it the safest highway in the province. That may well be true if the ministry is willing to ignore an ICBC report from 2002 whose recommendations have still not been implemented.

    Patricia Heintzman Elected Mayor of Squamish

    Squamish voters elected Patricia Heintzman as their Mayor and brought in three new faces to council in one of the most hotly-contested municipal election in recent history.

    Council Jumped the Gun in Selecting Developer: Former SODC Chair

    A former Squamish Oceanfront Development Corporation (SODC) director says the council didn’t follow process, acted in haste, and used incomplete information to select the Oceanfront developer.

    Kirkham Aims to Bring People Together

    In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, Rob Kirkham, the incumbent mayor seeking re-election, says Oceanfront, economic development, and bringing disparate groups together have driven his desire for re-election.

    Heintzman Promises Inclusive Governance

    In an interview with Gagandeep Ghuman, mayoral candidate Patricia Heintzman outlines her ideals and her plans for what she would like to do as Mayor.