• Playing With Fire

    An expert audit report ignored by he council shows the community needs to ask some serious questions on fire safety and thinking that goes into decision-making behind the closed doors of the District of Squamish.

    The Joy of Sharing

    Despite health issues that limit her mobility, Susan Magnuson has been part of the food drive for the last four years for the sheer joy of it.

    A Town in Action: The Making of Our Hospital

    In the early 1950s, when the community decided to build its own hospital, the biggest challenge was to raise funds. How people came together in a rare cooperative spirit and accomplished the task can be a valuable lesson for today’s Squamish.

    A Planner Comes to a Transforming Town

    Velaniskis’s new position ties directly to his education at Guelph, where he specialized in rural planning. With competing priorities of industrial, residential and agricultural land use, planning in rural communities offers unique challenges to planners.

    Helping Seniors Age in Place

    Though a BC wide program, Better at Home is administered locally by Sea to Sky Community Services Society. It’s anchored by volunteers such as Michelle Leblanc and Karla Hetherington.

    Locations Where You Can Pick up the Squamish Reporter Newspaper

    A list of locations where you can pick up the new Squamish Reporter newspaper.

    Where Help Is an All Wheel-Drive

    Terry Aldridge drives cancer patients to Vancouver and keeps them in good humour with his jokes.

    A Squamish Trade that Stems From the Soul

    Shannon Logan found the courage to mix love with business, and the result was a global women’s collective.