• What’s the Cluck About ?


    Thomas Schneider is a devoted food grower who also owns four chickens. He believes it was ridiculous for the district to have a bylaw that restricted chicken.

    Putting Aside Rainwater for a Dry Day


    It costs about $60 to buy a plastic barrel and hardware necessary to build a rain barrel—a little bit more for a classy oak cask.

    Lions Club: Our First Service Club in Squamish

    squamish day parade

    Although several fraternal organizations were well established in the community, the Lions Club was the first ‘service club’. Its motto: “We Serve!”

    Hop Farms Looks to the Future, with a Nod to the Past

    Main pic

    Growing hops for export to Europe was the first real industry established by the Squamish Valley settlers in the early 1890s. Now, more than a hundred years later, a young couple is tipping their hat to those pioneer entrepreneurs by naming their company after the largest operations of that time.

    Public Finally Gets to See Public Art

    Thw wolf by Julien Abril

    So you may have heard of abstract art or expressionist art or post-modernist art. For two months the District of Squamish—with $35,000 of your money—displayed its most avant-garde form: Invisible art.

    Chinese Immigrants Built Out First Dykes, Now Estuary Trails

    South dyke of Downtown Squamish area seen in 1966 photo was part of original Magee dyke system built by Chinese workers

    Our Pemberton Avenue was first a Magee ranch dyke built along a line separating his Lot 486 from Squamish Island Indian Reserve to the north.

    The Best Squamish Fall Adventures

    fall in fergies

    As the air gets crisper and the sun starts to set earlier. The short days mean less daylight hours to play outside, however, there are still many incredible adventures to experience in Squamish. We compiled this list of the best fall adventures for you and your family to enjoy rain or shine.

    Squamish Thanksgiving Food Drive Nets 8,200 Pounds of Food


    More than 50 volunteers visited some 4,564 homes and collected more than 8,200 pounds of non-perishable food for the Squamish Food Bank as part of the BC Thanksgiving Food Drive.