• A Question Gnaws at Them: What Happened to Jodi ?


    Her family has made peace with the fact that they won’t see Jodi Henrickson ever again, but a question gnaws at them every day: What happened to her?

    In Lily’s Garden, a Mother’s Memory Blooms


    For the world that walks through it and stops to admire, Lily’s Garden is well-maintained public park run by the District of Squamish. For Ruth Fenton–and her 11 siblings– it’s a passage to childhood and to memories of mom, Lily Carson, the woman whose name the garden has immortalized.

    District Reduces Emissions by 106 Tons


    District of Squamish has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 106 tonnes in a year, according to Caroline Ashekian, the district environmental technician.

    New Squamish Distillery Opens on Sept 19


    Gillespie’s Fine Spirits, a new distillery in Squamish, will open its tasting room to the public on Sept. 19. The new distillery is located on Progress Way in the business park, behind the building where Brick is located.

    16 Teeth Marks, Five Deep Wounds’: Dog Attacks Local in Garibaldi Highlands Trail


    I screamed in pain and instinctively threw out my hand to ward him off. He chewed on the underside of my forearm. The blood soaked my white capris and dripped onto my leather sandals.

    Tales of the Howe Sound

    furry creek

    As the air gets crisper and the sun starts to set earlier. The short days mean less daylight hours to play outside, however, there are still many incredible adventures to experience in Squamish.

    A Sound Sanctuary on Third Ave


    The Sound Sanctuary is being conceived by Wallace as a performance/sculpture live/work studio with some parts made out of recycled cargo containers, and other recycled objects.

    When Babies Fight Bullying in Squamish


    A world leading school program to develop empathy in young children is changing the way Squamish educators tackle bullying.