• Direct Action: When the System No Longer Works


    But when a government systematically fails its citizens in spite of facts, in spite of overwhelming opposition to a project, that flies in the face of common sense, Direct Action becomes unavoidable.

    I SAY…Let it Go

    WHEN I was 10-year-old, my 14-year-old sister died of a rare and irreversible genetic illness. As you may imagine, the emotional and physical challenges faced by my family leading up to and after her passing were numerous.

    I SAY…Attract Youth to Region


    THERE is no doubt abundant work and jobs in this region, especially Squamish, have helped create taxes and shaped the beautiful communities we are all lucky to call home.

    Home is Not a Mere Commodity

    THE CHASM between the monetary and the social value of a home has never been greater than it is now.

    Great Wolf Lodge: Become a Part of Our Community


    A guests-only destination is at odds with the spirit of Squamish, the welcoming Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada.

    Great Wolf Lodge: Allow Them Their Business Model

    Conny Millard

    Putting away my mother hat and my business consultant hat on, I find myself agreeing with the company policy.

    People, Politicians and Promises

    A bit of dishonesty, or let’s say misrepresentation, has become an essential part of politics. Indeed, the word ‘politics’ itself has come to have negative connotations. Yet, people are never a harsh judge of politicians.

    The Road to Fun and Growth


    One potential project worth looking at would be a road linking the Sunshine Coast to Squamish.