• I SAY…Eat Quinoa


    THERE has been much hype over Quinoa (Keen-Wah) over the last couple years, and for good reason. Quinoa is one of the most amazing seeds around.

    I SAY…Let the Sunshine In


    Sleeping in the same house, in the same bedroom, in the same bed, which is positioned in the same celestial spot since day one. Exciting I know, but bear with me.

    Humans Can Learn a Lot From Dogs


    IT’S NO secret that I love dogs…and cats and pigs and horses and goats and cows and, really, all animals, but I especially love dogs — they have a special spot in my heart.

    We Are at a Tipping Point in Squamish

    People want to move here but there’s a limit to what people can and are willing to afford and real estate is not the investment it was 20 years ago.

    Our Real Estate Boom is for the Long-Term


    By Jason WoodPublished: July 10, 2015   MY WIFE and I were rowing a canoe around Salt Spring Island 11 years ago when the conversationRead More

    Why You Should Know About Lyme

    WE LIVE in an endemic region for Lyme disease according to Health Canada. The International Lyme and Associated Disease Society says that Endemic areas have closer to 50 per cent of ticks carrying the disease. This differs substantially from the 1 per cent that the suggested by the Center for Disease Control.

    Growth Could Result in a Sick Community


    AS MENTAL Health week dwindles to an end, my friends on social media are still asking others to share a post on how life isn’t easy. It suggests that many of us are living with issues that can cause mental health challenges in one form or another.

    The Dwindling Downtown Squamish

    KK photo 1

    THESE days downtown Squamish is really a very down downtown. In less than a year, I saw two eating places, one coffee shop with a church, an appliance wholesaler, a merchandize store, and a start-up business support enterprise close their doors.