• Random Occurrences Without Correlation

    THE recent trilogy of anomalous occurrences in our region (English Bay tanker oil spill, Squamish Terminals wharf fire, and Squamish Chief massive rock fall) have created some speculation about the accelerated relation between anthropogenic processes and the natural world.

    Slow Down While We Have the Opportunity


    MY mother always said bad things happen in threes. The oil spill in English Bay, the fire at Squamish Terminals and the chip off the Chief were three shocking events that took place over a short period of time close to home that are a good example of this superstition.

    The Buzz of Insect Hotels


    I AM an Environmental Educator, and I have been teaching children about nature since I myself was a child. The innate wonder children have for nature inspires me, and their endless questions encourage me to continue learning about our remarkable natural world.

    Why Squamish CAN Hates Garbage

    Hugh Kerr (2)

    For the past four years Squamish Climate Action Network (Squamish CAN) has teamed with the District to take on the challenge of Zero Waste. Our community is making big gains in the right direction.

    I SAY…Grow Food and Get Connected

    Adriana March 7 2015

    By Adriana SmithPublished: April 14, 2015     I READ a blog by Earthie Mama the other day about raising earth-conscious kids. I was struckRead More

    In the Grey Zone, We Can Miss a Lot

    Health Canada isn’t in the business of being cruel; handing someone an untested, unproven or unregulated drug might actually make things worse. It might even kill the patient.

    Is a Loved One’s Pain Debatable ?

    When I was asked to have a debate on medical cannabis dispensaries in Canada my first thought was—what is there to debate? The current medical cannabis system is ‘flawed by any standard’: not debatable.

    Pricing Howe Sound Into the Market

    Even though there is a growing awareness on this, you can still hear people ask, “Does she work, or is she a housewife?” As if being a housewife, or homemaker, is no work. We have come to define work as something only of monetary value. If a type of work cannot be monetised or has no clear monetary value, it is considered no work at all.