West Coast Railway ‘Adopts’ Highway

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Aug. 25, 2012

The West Coast Railway Heritage Park in Squamish is the first organisation in town to be approved for “Adopt A Highway” through Squamish. 

The park will take care of the highway section from Garibaldi Way to the Hospital Intersection at Clarke Drive.

“We have taken on this role as we believe we are contributors to the well-being of Squamish,” said Ken Tanner, the president of WCRA.

“We want to present our community in the best possible light.”

Adopt a Highway is a BC Transportation program by which organizations (or individuals) take care of a portion of a highway – cleaning it up several times a year – to enhance the community.

The Adopt a Highway program offers both non-profit and for-profit organizations opportunities to contribute to their community and province.

This program is aimed at promoting community pride and a means of publicly recognizing the organization’s efforts

Tanner said the adoption is perpetual.

“We will keep the highway cleaned up on an ongoing basis – likely 3 times a year,” he said.

Volunteers will start the first clean-up this Saturday.

Tanner said the park has no financial involvement in this venture.

“The Railway park is proud of our community, and we want visitors to see Squamish as a good place to stop – play, stay, eat, and of course visit our tourist attractions,” Tanner added.