Squamish Reporter, Now in Print

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: Sept. 28, 2012


They say newspapers are dying, and maybe they are right.

But here’s something that we believe is very much alive: Public service journalism that cares for the community it serves.

For the past two years, that has been the guiding principle of the Squamish Reporter.

Now that the Reporter is going from online-only to print, it’s time to reiterate that philosophy with our loyal and engaged readers.

Online and now every alternate Friday in print, The Squamish Reporter is committed to do the same public-interest journalism that our readers have come to expect.

Here are some of our core values.

We will tell the truth.

We will question and scrutinise the government.

We will give voice to the voiceless.

We will share your stories.

All we ask in return is your support: Share news tips, send us feedback, keep us accountable, and yes, please buy the newspaper.

Advertisers can have a lot of sway over a newspaper, but we want some of that power to lie with you—the reader, the community.

If enough of you buy the newspaper, the power to make or break this paper will be in your hands.

That being said, we want to offer affordable advertising rates to local businesses, particularly small businesses who struggle to be seen and survive in these tough economic times.

To maintain editorial independence, we will not accept advertising from the District of Squamish, SODC, or any other government agency.

We will also refuse to accept advertising from serving MP, MLA, the Mayor, the councillors, and SLRD Area D representatives.

This is to ensure critical distance. We don’t harbour any blind, ideological bias for the government or our duly elected representatives.

We have nothing but respect for our local paper and its staff, and we look forward to school ourselves in every thought, new or old.

But let this be said, too: Intimidation and threats won’t be tolerated.

Once again, I hope you will support this independent newspaper, and its vision of strong civic and public service journalism.

And we say this with utmost sincerity: It’s your paper.

You own it.


The Reporter will be available at the following locations.

1. Artisan Coffee shop                      2. Nesters

3. Save On Foods                            4. Dtn Husky Gas Station

5. Shell gas station                          6. Valleycliffe General Store

7. Two Birds Eatery                          8. Walmart

9. Brackendale Gas station              10. Canadian Tire

11. Bean Brackendale Coffee shop      12. Britannia Beach general store

13. Newport Market (Gelato Carina)   14. Scotties Liquor Store


  1. Gurdeep Pandher says:

    Gagan, Best wishes f

  2. Gurdeep Pandher says:

    Gagan, Best wishes for your VERY FIRST INDEPENDENT newspaper of Squamish. By rejecting governmental advertisements, you are creating a true ‘people’s paper’. This is a new and bold step not only in your region, but also in the whole nation. Be voice of voiceless AND VOICE AGANIST VOICE-SUPPRESSORS! – Gurdeep Pandher

  3. The Duck says:

    Congrats Gagan. Best of luck.

  4. Craig C says:

    Exciting news Gagan. Congratulations.

    The core values you have stated for the Squamish Reporter are commendable and very much needed in today’s world where the media revenue takes priority over content. This is truly a paper for the people and I look forward to reading the stories and articles you publish going forward.

  5. Tracy says:

    Yes, congratulations! Always refreshing to get a point of view that is unbiased & independent of any influencing powers that be!!

  6. moe says:

    Congrats Gagan,

    I look forward to your reporting on issues in Area D without bias. We elected officials need to take it on the chin from time to time.


  7. Melanie says:

    Gagan, YOU ROCK!!! I’m so proud of you!!! I love this paper. It’s unique and informative and smacks of integrity…….others could learn………..

    I leave you with my favourite Einstein quote: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”. Anyone who opposes this great paper has something to hide and/or something to fear……carry on with your good work!

    Continue to follow your bliss, and walk your truth! We all benefit!

    Kindest Regards, Melanie

  8. Wolfgang Wittenburg says:

    I liked the Reporter when it was available online only and I like it even more in this new format unrestricted by screen sizes. But that’s only format: What I really appreciate about the Squamish Reporter is that it looks at things of local interest from a different angle, highlights issues – good or bad -which might go unnoticed in the shadows cast by only one source of light.
    That alone is a very strong argument for having two papers in Squamish.

  9. Jasdeep says:

    Good going Gagan

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats!!!! Very proud of you!

  11. Graham E. Fuller says:

    Congratulations, Gagan, for this exciting new step forward in Squamish journalism. Our town is sizeable and changing, moving in interesting new directions with a new demographic. We need more than one perspective. Your alternative voice is truly welcome.
    And you deserve high marks from the outset for the very gutsy and tough decision to set up a second paper in Squamish, particularly as an astonishing one-man-band, and starting out in an original on-line format. It’s a sign of your growing readership that you are now able to branch out into print–a very successful first issue with great pics and graphics.
    Hopefully you’ll be able to move to paper subscriptions and I will be among the first to subscribe.
    Keep up the great work! We all benefit!
    Graham Fuller

  12. Guri tiwana says:

    Congrts gagan n good luck for ur new start

  13. Drew Halfnight says:

    Congratulations, Gagan. Squamish is lucky to have you!

  14. Paul Knox says:

    Good luck Gagan … next stop Vancouver …..

  15. jagg carr-locke says:

    Gagandeep, you epitomise and personify all those values we try to teach our journalism students. Well done! We are so proud of you.

  16. Mohsin Abbas says:

    Dear Gagan,
    Welcome aboard….. Keep it up. We are out there to support each other. Squamish need more than one perspective. You can do it.

    Mohsin Abbas
    Diversity Reporter

  17. Heather Donaldson says:

    Looking forward to picking up a Squamish Reporter in the stacks! Best of luck and you have my support!

  18. Megan Grittani-Livingston says:

    Gagan, I am late in commenting on this exciting news – my apologies – but congratulations on this marvellous step. I admire you, my friend, and wish you all continued success and strength in your work!