Ana Santos Seeking NDP Nomination

By Gagandeep Ghuman
Published: March. 23, 2013

Local environmentalist Ana Santos is hoping to be the NDP nominee for MLA in the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding.

She is not yet the official candidate, however.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWest Vancouver-Sea to Sky is one of the four ridings where the NDP hasn’t announced its candidate yet.

It’s unclear if there are more people in the running for NDP nomination in the region.

“There’s still a few days for others to voice their desire to take the seat,” she said.

A decision on the final candidate is expected soon.

Santos said she has been busy creating change at the local level, but wants to expand her scope.

“I considered running for a Squamish Council seat at the last municipal election, but I think my thirst for change, being part of it, helping it along… requires expanding my scope.”

She said that she was ‘positively interested’ in the state of affairs in our community, in our province, in our country, in the world.

“I feel the need to go further and explore the possibilities for the change that’s needed and that drives me,” she added.

Santos said she hopes the community will support her.

“Individual spirit can work wonders, but it needs a collective mind and the collective effort to be truly effective,” she noted.

If nominated, she faces a formidable challenge in Liberal party MLA hopeful Jordan Sturdy, presently the Mayor of Pemberton.

Sturdy, Mayor of Pemberton since 2005, announced in October last year he would be seeking Liberal nomination for the riding.

In February, he won the nomination to represent the BC Liberals in the West Vancouver-Sea to Sky riding.

“We are only a few months away from the most important election in years,” said Sturdy.

“Today’s BC Liberals are building momentum, and I’m excited to join their renewed team.”

As she prepares for her possible nomination as a NDP candidate, Santos said these are challenging but exciting times.

“We have the opportunity to create the quality of life that we aspire to,” she said.


  1. heather gee says:

    We would certainly benefit were Ana to represent this Region. Best of Luck for your new challenge, Ana.

  2. CT says:

    Judging by her recent articles in the chief ,I think we need someone with a better understanding of what actually goes on in our community to run for public office.

  3. JR says:

    My Judging of Ana, by her recent articles in the Chief, I think she has a very good understanding of the community and beyond, Making Ana an great choice to run for public office. Good luck Ana.

  4. Larry McLennan says:

    You asked Jordan Sturdy several point5ed questions regarding policys and positions. I don’t see a single one in this interview. Instead, the reader is left with an announcement and some airy philisophy from the potential candidate. Not much to go on here. Perhaps the candidate should have brought more to the interview.

  5. Carol Roberts says:

    I want a voice in Parlament that understands the challenges in the Sea to Sky riding.
    I trust Ana to be the Voice.

  6. David Daniel Fratis says:

    I miss u miss Santos my little Spanish tatortot sorry I Waited to long but I am happy that I got to know you still love u