Where Do You Want to See the Next Food Truck in Squamish ?

Food truck operators in Squamish have requested three locations for the district’s 2016 Food Truck Pilot Project and the district wants to know your views on those locations. 

1. Cleveland Avenue between Victoria and Main Streets in Downtown Squamish
2. End of Diamond Road in the pull-out adjacent to London Drugs
3. On Helfand Way at Quest University Canada, across from the Sports Plex.

What do you think of these locations? Comment here:http://ht.ly/2h0I3039DYL

Recent changes to the Zoning Bylaw now allows mobile food vendors to operate on District land (including roads, parking spaces, parks, fee simple land), with the District’s approval.  If you are interested in operating your food truck on district land, you can now submit an Expression of Interest

And if have a food operation that would complement Caffe Garibaldi (located in the Adventure Centre) and the future Forest Centre, you can also submit anExpression of Interest for the Adventure Centre Gravel Lot.