Squamish Selected for Heritage Fair

Squamish Historical Society has announced that BC Heritage Fairs Society has selected Squamish as the host location for the 2018 Provincial Heritage Fair. Approximately 60 students from around the province will gather together in Squamish from July 5th to July 9th.

These students will get to experience dorm life as they will be housed at Quest University, they will tour in and around the Squamish area, and will showcase their award winning Heritage Fair Projects at a public showcase.

Cindy Rowell, a director on the board of the BC Heritage Fairs Society, and Bianca Peters President of the Squamish Historical Society made the announcement to Mayor and Council on Tuesday Dec 12th. Cindy stated that “BC Heritage Fairs Society is very excited to be working with Squamish Historical Society to bring students from all over the province and provide the opportunity to introduce them to the rich Culture, Heritage and History from in and around your community. These youth, who have earned their way to the Provincial Fair, are eager and have a keen interest to learn about the past.”

Each year over 4,000 students (in grade 4 to grade 12) from 14 regions around the province participate in School Heritage Fairs.  Selected students move on from their school fair to a Regional Heritage Fair where they are judged and evaluated on their research, knowledge and oral presentation of their selected topic. Adjudicators select 4 students from each Regional Heritage Fair to move on to represent their community, their school and their region at the Provincial Heritage Fair. 

Every year BC Heritage Fairs Society coordinates and organized the Provincial Fair in a different area of the province. This non profit organization is committed to providing a valuable learning opportunity, designed to increase awareness, interest and understanding in Local, Provincial and Canadian Heritage in a dynamic and captivating learning environment. The society works year round to raise funds to cover all expenses for the 60 selected students to attend the Provincial Heritage Fair.



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    That’s awesome Bianca.

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