Expedia Canada Picks Squamish as a Top City to Visit in 2018

Squamish was one among the 18 cities chosen as the top city to visit in 2018 by Expedia Canada Travel Blog. Expedia recently surveyed 1000 Canadians and asked them which city they would like to recommend to their  fellow travellers visit in the new year.

“Some of the responses were specific around certain cities, while other responses recommended provinces as a whole (often with exclamation marks). Using these answers as a baseline, we’re happy to present the 18 cities you need to visit in 2018,” said Jessica Estrada. 

Penticton and Qualicum Beach were other cities from BC that made the list. Squamish was hailed as a mecca of mountain climbing and a variety of event. “Do you have a ton of friends who blow off plans to go climbing when the weather is good? Well, in 2018, you can be “that” friend, and join them. If you need a place to get those kinks out of your joints and muscles, might we suggest Squamish in our poll-popular British Columbia? There are a ton of rock climbing areas as well as major outside events that will get you from couch potato to mountain goddess in no time.Squamish made the list 

Check out the full article here: Canadians Choose the Top 18 Cities to Visit in 2018


  1. Kim says:

    Squamish is not defined as a city yet. Squamish is a municipality if Squamish/ Liloett District. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_district_municipalities_in_British_Columbia

  2. Reckoning Day says:

    No waaaaay !!!

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