About Us

Gagandeep Ghuman

Gagandeep Ghuman edits The Squamish Reporter, which he founded in 2010. He studied journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto and has worked at the Toronto Star, the Guelph Mercury, and the Squamish Chief. In 2011, his story on the local fire department was shortlisted for an investigative journalism award given out every year by the Canadian Association of Journalists.



Daniel Lak
Daniel Lak has spent the last three decades as an international journalist, writer and broadcaster. He has visited more that 30 countries and has reported on a countless number of political, environmental, social and economic issues. Lak was a BBC correspondent in South Asia for 12 years and was based in Pakistan, India and Nepal where he spent years following stories on human rights violations and the horrifying effects of civil unrest. Since returning to North America, Lak has continued his work with the BBC, covering trials in Guantanamo Bay, turmoil and catastrophe in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, the 2005 and 2006 Canadian Federal Elections and a range of other issues.

John Miller
John Miller has been an award-winning reporter, a senior news executive, chair of a journalism school, an author, a teacher, a researcher and a consultant. He is emeritus professor of journalism at Ryerson University where he taught for 23 years. He headed the school as chair for 10 of those years and published Yesterday’s News,  a critique of Canadian newspapers, in 1998. It was chosen by the Globe and Mail as one of its 100 Notable Books of the Year. Most of his 20-year career as an editor and reporter was spent at the Toronto Star, where he was foreign editor, founding editor of the Sunday Star, weekend editor, deputy managing editor, and acting managing editor.